A complete Pre-Media services management system.
The only system that automates your media processing needs

between your marketing systems, publishing systems, and creative personnel.


It’s all about getting the right stuff to the right place at the right time. Optimize your connectivity between your customers, your sales, their media files and your systems.

GoMediaHub is the first and only complete Pre-Media management and production system. By blending desktop plugin technologies for designers that operate and update over the cloud, automated media processing systems, and easy to use submission forms for users of the system all over the cloud, GoMediaHub is a one of a kind software system to ensure you get good, clean and correct media files to everyone on time.

Hundreds or Thousands

of media files to be

handled every day?

GOMEDIAHUB dispatches media files,

manages their processing,

and ensures their timely completion and delivery.

Through a cloud network for both automated systems

and skilled operators located anywhere in the world.

GOMEDIAHUB is a highly flexible

pre-media management system

for publishers, ad agencies and corporate marcom.


External Integrations

Built-in mechanisms for easy integration with external systems using dedicated API interfaces, Hot Folders, command line driven or dedicated interfaces providing a high level of interoperability with 3rd party tools and applications.

Advanced Searching and Dashboards

Built-in advanced search and filter mechanisms across all parts of the system with real-time dashboard business metrics by user group.

Customizable Workflow and Preferences

Highly flexible configuration possibilities taking into account the specific needs of each user group. Roles, permissions, scopes, groups and organizational containers providing unlimited options of workflow configurations.

Alerts and Notifications

Customizable system of alerts and notifications. Deadline and status reporting, error messages and notifications.

Highly Secure

Modern authorization and authentication system based on security token exchanging services. Advanced groups, roles and permissions system controlling all levels of application. Full support for advanced identity management systems (ex: Okta), with the ability to handle user merging across multiple identity provider systems.

Pipeline-based Flow

Highly customizable GetNext logic with advanced control of the flow of files for automated and manual processes. Job routing, prioritization, filters and dynamic forms generation for dedicated user experiences. Automated retrieval, processing and delivery ensures full round trip tracking and management.

Automatic Updates

Automated and customizable mechanism for providing remote updates for all parts of the system and interfaces - including desktop clients. Using our dedicated, Update Server to provide controlled updates for all designer desktops, located anywhere in the world.

Multilanguage and Personalization

High level of interface personalization using different built-in themes and settings. Multi-language support. Advanced branding options for custom interfaces across different user groups.

Single Tenant SaaS

High level of efficiency and security by using separate, dedicated DAM instances for all tenants in a SaaS model.

Integrated tools to support pre-media content

image preparation (automatic toning, enhancement)

Seamless integration with Adobe plugins for manual adjustments


ad-preprocessing (verification and correction) and any output conversion and delivery (print and digital)

Use Cases


Like many operations, you might have smaller focused editorial teams to leverage their focus on local news and content.

However, they all need the best quality images, logos and advertisements they can get for their pages without distracting their attention from the task you need them doing; producing effective editorial content. GoMediaHub permits you to use automated systems and your best Pre-Media operators in your organization and manage their time by automatically routing, queueing, and delivering the media files to and from all your systems and locations. All on a very secure cloud based network, not requiring any VPN tunnels or complex network configurations.

Advertisements and Digital Production Needs

GoMediaHub provides the analysis and fixing engines to ensure that good, clean ads are getting onto your pages and website.

Whether your files need custom attention such as knockouts (crop out background), retouching, re-sizing, cropping, or specialty work, GoMediaHub provides the connectivity to your ad tracking,asset management or other systems to achieve this. GoMediaHub will retrieve, route, process, notify and deliver your advertisements across all your publications and systems. Worried about scale? GoMediaHub is already proven to handle 15,000 media files per day in production.

Commercial Clients

The biggest problem with the multitude of files produced from outside sources are poorly prepared ads and poor quality images on many customer supplied pages.

Give your customers the tools to help them fix it up front, by providing them the Pre-Media services they seek. Your customers would much rather build pages with properly toned images and ads that don’t present problems for page processing. Provide your customers both a browser based submission and retrieval system and a hot folder mechanism located on their own network. GoMediaHub system can handle all automated and manual tasks to be performed. Provide your customer with a real-time Dashboard of the status of their files and a means to track all stages of their files.

Page Submission Portal

GoMediaHub can also provide page submission, processing, softproofing and approval capabilities to any print production workflow you might have.

So now, instead of getting in poor quality files, help your customers build higher quality content and provide a seamless cloud based system for helping them with their ads, images, logos and also their page submission.


  • Min/Max/Average past due jobs in Queue, per hour/day/week

  • Min/Max/Average time spent by designer, by GetNext Pool, per hour/day/week

  • Actual amount of enabled tools/queues/active designers

  • Actual workload - by pipeline/tools/designers (groups)

  • Average processing time per job

  • Expected time of unloading queues (based on actual situation)

  • Most busy pipelines/tools/users


Always ON cloud based system
Best hybrid of automated and manual processing
No complex API, simple XML ticket parsing engine
Auto updating designer client applications
Configurable job submission forms or consistent ease of use (Pipeline-based Flow)
Dashboard for real-time metrics
Reporting engine for invoicing or management decisions
Productivity tracking for manual operations
Integration to time clock systems
3rd party integration by: Hot Folders, Scripts, API

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